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"Love, lose, repeat" review from Singer Magazine:

There can be a fine line between songs with a great hooks and an uplifting message and those that are "just too poppy". Terry Gonda walks that line with balance and poise. On her CD Love, Lose, Repeat (released on Valentine's Day) Terry is in fine voice serving up songs with heart and soul backed by an almost magical acoustical accompaniment. This is a very well produced CD with a strong, commercial sound - and that's a notable accomplishment for any indie artist. Terry's songwriting is solid as she spins lyrical adventures that run through love stories and songs of hope. Listening to her music stirs much the same feelings as hearing a weather forecast for a bright and sunny tomorrow though it be damp and dreary today. The positive nature of her music is best exemplified, perhaps, by "Love Calls You By Name" with the lyric:

May you do more than survive
The hurts of yesterday
May you see the blessings grow
Where destruction hoped to play
May you know that you are more
Than what happens along the way
May you always be aware
That Love is here to stay.

The arrangements lean from a country blues sound, to jazz to coffeehouse rock. Among the 13 tracks are covers of "Both Sides Now," "Home" (by Karloff Bonoff) and a medley of "When You Wish Upon a Star" with "Someone To Watch Over Me" which alone is worth the price of admission. In addition to writing and performing music that inspires, teaches and tickles the soul of the listener, Terry is an experienced presenter and lecturer who offers concert and workshop packages for adults, young adults and teens. A collection of secular and ecumenical themes are among her offerings.
Robert A. Lindquist, Publisher/Editor-In-Chief, Singer Magazine-NY Office

"Love, lose, repeat" review from Crossrhythms magazine:

I first encountered this tremendous American singer/songwriter at Greenbelt (she’s played there twice) and, having enjoyed her ‘Mud And Milk‘ EP have been keen to hear more. Now this 13-song item rewards my anticipation. Apart from a couple of unnecessary covers (Terry does great things with Townes Van Zant’s “If I Needed You” but trying to get an individual twist on a classic like Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” is a fruitless exercise). But when she turns to her own appealing compositions, the effect is very attractive – “Not This One”, her wistful musical account of that man throwing star fish back into the sea; “Call You”, a wistful reminder that love himself calls us by name; and “Snow Storm Blues”, an emotive tale of driving through a blizzard, are all appealing with Terry’s warm, deftly expressive voice purring in appealing cadences. With strong arrangement, featuring acoustic guitars, mandolin and on some tracks cello, this is mature, impressively executed music for thoughtful adults. 8/10
Tony Cummings, Editor

I am totally in love with your unique arrangement and handling of this song, and believe you me, I have heard A LOT of versions of Both Sides Now. For someone to take this song and really make it their own as you have done is quite an accomplishment in my book.
Bob Muller, List Owner, Joni Mitchell Email List, and collector of Joni cover versions.

"Voice of an angel!"
Tony Cummings, Editor, CrossRhythms Magazine

"Positively Lucid. Intoxicating!"
Brian McCollum Free Press Pop Music Critic

"terry is definitely a standout among the songwriters here in Detroit"
Matt Watroba, host of WDET's Folks Like Us

"terry has won us over completely..."
Tom Wolf, The Freight Room, Decatur, GA

"terry is an expressive, intelligent and truly beautiful artist"
Bob Harris , BBC2 UK Radio DJ.

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"Special mention should highlight finalists terry gonda .... killer voice and definitely someone to watch"
Alan Rowoth folk_music list moderator on his review of the 1995 Kerrville New Folk Competition

"terry has a wonderful blend of poetry and song, delivered with a beautiful soft smooth voice. Deeply philosophical in nature, she writes songs to match."
Vic Heyman Vic's Music Corner Concert Series in Rockville, MD