What News? Mar 2004
(terry gonda newsletter)

The CD
Finally, finally, finally....love, lose, repeat
  is the name of CD and it is here!  No more pre-releases or media release versions. The final version is here and ready to ship (see enclosed cover picture).

If you'd like to order it, you can go to www.terrygonda.com. Soon it will be on CDbaby.com, Itunes, Amazon.com, etc.  We encourage you to buy it from terrygonda.com however (or loveloserepeat.com) since these other sites charge us a considerable fee and make it more difficult for the business end of things.

Speaking of business, we at What Key? have just returned from the North American Folk Alliance Conference in San Diego and we got a wonderful response (see below). We're off to a great start so far with the CD.  It received a great review in this month's Singer Magazine, including a thumbnail photo of Terry on the cover of the magazine!  The March issue isn't on line yet, but eventually it will be up on www.singermagazine.com.   The review is posted at the end of the newsletter.  The responses we've been getting to the CD so far, all seem to echo the Singer Magazine article.  "Very well produced", "great songs", "great voice."  All the things, frankly you'd want to hear about a CD that took 13 years to get out the door. *smile*.  

Bob Harris, the UK BBC DJ  played the cut "Home" from the prerelease for two consecutive weeks on his Thursday night national country show in January.  His show is on Radio 2 and is one hour long.  Getting in on the set alone is great. Two weeks in a row...well, we're thrilled obviously.  The response from that was very positive as well.

We're already getting some scattered airplay around the country as a result of both the November pre-release and from distributing it at last weekend's Folk Alliance Conference.  As we get it distributed, we'll be asking you to call your local folk station to play cuts from it.

terry's Eighth Notes
This newsletter is a bit longer than usual. We've been quite busy and haven't sent you news since December, so there's a lot to catch up on.   Well, I can say it feels very good to be done with this stage of a seemingly life long project.  I can't thank enough all those who contributed 13 years or so ago towards the full length CD.  In that time, you should have gotten a 3 song tape (Indeed), perhaps the limited edition CD (Indeed plus), the interim EP (Mud and Milk) and now finally the full length album.  We'll be shipping to those original contributors this week.  I've been duly razzed over the years for taking such a round about way of releasing a full length CD, but from the response we've had so far, at least the final product appears to be worth it.  Obviously, in those years, I worked on more than just the CD.  I had to ripen in many ways and walk through that love, lose, repeat journey.  I also had to decide who I am musically.  I struggled with being "too folk for pop" and "too pop for folk" and too eclectic to fit in a bin in the record shop.  In the end, I just accepted who I am and ran with it.

In parallel with releasing the CD, Kirsti Reeve and I have started If There's Light.org (as mentioned in the December Newsletter).  We took both the CD and the new org to the Folk Alliance Conference and got a great response to both.  We had an incredible showcase for If There's Light.org which looked like the following:

11:00 pm Greg Greenway & Jan Krist
11:30 pm Bob Franke & Eleni Kelakos
12 midnight Danny Flowers & Tom Kimmel
12:30 am FRUiT (last minute sub for SONiA) and Lucy Blue Tremblay
1:00 am Terry Gonda & Jen Cass
1:30 am David Roth & Wishing Chair

We heard from many of the artists that it was their favorite part of the conference.   If you don't know these artists, we obviouly urge you to check them out.  We aimed to create a space that was less about selling and more about the Spirit.  It really was a great time. We had some people just come to the showcase to listen and ended up staying the whole night (unusual at these conferences).  These are just some of the artists that we will be showcasing on the website.  Go to Ifthereslight.org for more info and for links to the artists pages.

I have to say, that for me personally, a big part of the timing of starting this org now, is to keep me in line. As I release this CD, part of my long standing angst is renewed in that I start asking myself again "why am I doing this?".  By having this organization in front of me, I can always ask myself, "why do *I* deserve to belong to this organization?" 

If There's Light.org defines where I would like to take my music.  Now I'm not out to be a pigeonholed artist...I can't sing 100% happy campy songs, nor will I focus only on worship music.  It's more about the big picture.  If a live show or CD is taken as a whole, I desire that the range of emotions and struggles we go through in life be expressed musically, but at the same time that the listener become infused with the wisdom and hope that Love's promise brings us every new day.  With each show, my goal is to connect with that inner Light inside me and with that same Light within those who are listening.  Oh...and that I'll remember the words and chords.

My belief is that in doing so,  we'll all be better off and I'll have used my musical abilities responsibly. 

Out and about...
The road trip in early December was more adventure that we bargained for.  First was Vic's Music corner in Rockville MD with Jen Cass and LisaBeth Weber.  We did an in-the-round format and it was a blast.  We burst into an impromptu version of Amazing Grace during sound check and found we blended magically.  The tone was set from there as we played off each others' songs and generally had a great night together.  Vic and Reba seemed pleased.  Lots of friends showed up, including Cheri Allen and her clan and Major General John Caldwell and his wife Judy.  I was very grateful for all who came. The snow storm was heading our way, so Kirsti and I headed north and just missed most of the weather.  While Baltimore was getting dumped on, we slid into Massachusetts just as snow was starting.  We hit Sally Johnson's new gig at Mulligan's Taverne on the Green.  A wonderful place with great food and an intimate setting. Several venue people were there and I've been invited back to perform at other nearby locations (starting next week!). Finally, the next night, I opened for Colleen Sexton over at Fox Run.  What an extraordinary place.  Neale and Laurie have an incredible set up. It has to be seen to be believed.  I'd heard stories, but nothing prepared me.  Great house, great venue, a sound system to rival any small to medium size performance space, and great people.  Seeing Colleen again was also a great treat and we caught her first set before setting out as the storm was barreling down upon us.  We left about an hour too late and ended up crawling through the blizzard on I-90...eventually calling it quits in the Berkshires at Lee at 1:30am.  We got up and headed out in the morning to face more blizzard and horrendous roads up past Albany NY.  At the first rest stop, we took a break and hoped the plows would do their job.  Thankfully they did and the rest of the trip was a breeze.  Added to the November snowy drive to the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance convention in NY, I had clocked 15 hours of actual blizzard driving--all before Dec 10!  What was I thinking? 

What I have failed to mention is that I started the trip on 2 hours sleep after preparing ads for the deadline for the national convention.  Then got a sinus infection while on the road and was on antibiotics.  God Bless those that are on the road full time. If Kirsti hadn't been around to help, I'd have been lost. Unfortunately, she is a new driver however, so I had the fun of the blizzard driving. :)  Thankfully, the shows all went well, we got home safe, and we have a little story.

At Folk Alliance in San Diego,  I was fortunate enough to be included in some great showcases.  Vic Heyman, bless his heart, invited me to sing "Green Eyes" at the Kate Wolf tribute which was packed, next Neale and Laurie invited me to the Fox Run Showcase, which was also well attended.  I had some wee hour showcases including a 1am in the great Susquehanna Music and Art Festival Showcase (www.smaf.info) and the If There's Light.org showcase.  Added to that were a couple of slots in Alan Rowoth's showcases and the Best of NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance www.nefolk.org) which in addition to long exhibit hall hours means all I want to do is sleep for another week!  My thanks to all. It was a great conference to release the CD.  We gave lots of love via hugs and shoulder rubs (and chocolate) in the exhibit hall, which is our tradition.  In addition, Kirsti devised what may become a Folk Alliance institution from here on out...terry gonda conversation heart mints in customized dixie cups.  By the response at the booth, they were quite the hit.

Saturday March 13
Steeple Coffee House, Southborough MA
Boston area CD release. Opening for Valerie and Walter Crockett and the Oxymorons. For TICKETS and PERFORMANCE INFORMATION call Pilgrim Church: (508)485-4847. Ticket prices: Advance & Reservation $12.00; Door $15.00, Seniors & Students $10.00

Sunday March 21
Sterling Coffee House, Sterling Heights, Michigan
Detroit area CD release party for love, lose, repeat at 7pm.  Terry is the feature act.  Two full sets with band.  At the Dodge Park Rec Center, Utica Road at Dodge Park Road, Sterling Heights. $8 advance, $9 on door. Tickets can be purchased at the Recreation Center for $8.00. For additional details call the Recreation Department at 446-2700 or the 24-hour info line at 446-2692.  http://ci.sterling-heights.mi.us/

Parting notes
The web site is being updated regularly, so give it a gander.  It has a new look now to match the CD.  
My primary parting note is : Get a hold of the CD and promote it wildly! :)

As promised, here is the review from Singer Magazine. 

Singer Magazine, March 2004

There can be a fine line between songs with a great hooks and an uplifting message and those that are "just too poppy". Terry Gonda walks that line with balance and poise. On her CD "Love, Lose, Repeat", Terry is in fine voice serving up songs with heart and soul backed by an almost magical acoustical accompaniment. This is a very well produced CD with a strong, commercial sound - and that's a notable accomplishment for any indie artist. Terry's songwriting is solid as she spins lyrical adventures that run through love stories and songs of hope. Listening to her music stirs much the same feelings as hearing a weather forecast for a bright and sunny tomorrow though it be damp and dreary today. The positive nature of her music is best exemplified, perhaps, by "Love Calls You By Name" with the lyric:

May you do more than survive
The hurts of yesterday
May you see the blessings grow
Where destruction hoped to play
May you know that you are more

Than what happens along the way
May you always be aware
That Love is here to stay.

The arrangements lean from a country blues sound, to jazz to coffeehouse rock. Among the 13 tracks are covers of "Both Sides Now," "Home" (by Karloff Bonoff) and a medley of "When You Wish Upon a Star" with "Someone To Watch Over Me" which alone is worth the price of admission. In addition to writing and performing music that inspires, teaches and tickles the soul of the listener, Terry is an experienced presenter and lecturer who offers concert and workshop packages for adults, young adults and teens. A collection of secular and ecumenical themes are among her offerings.

Robert Lindquist, Editor in Chief Singer Magazine



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