What News? April 2002
(terry gonda newsletter)

terry's Eighth Notes

Sorry I've not written for a while, but I have been busy.

As promised in the last newsletter, I went down to Atlanta and recorded with DeDe Vogt. I cannot tell you how much fun I had--Unbelievable! Linda Bolley (who plays with Michelle Malone) a long time friend and drummer appears on the tracks. Also making appearances are Caroline Aiken (vocals), Johnny D (electric guitar-Michelle Malone) and others I'll tell you about as the release date gets nearer. I plan to do more recording in May-July. The final product will be a mix of band and solo. I am exploring the idea of including a second bonus CD with more "acoustic" versions of the songs that will have full band. Special alternative mixes for those who don't care for as much "production". This is assuming I can do it and still keep the cost under $18 for the package. Feel free to write me and express your opinion on the matter.

In March I performed with the Broe Rehab Tabernacle Choir at the Detroit Rescue mission for over 200 past and present members of the Mission. Royal Oak's Rev. Renee Billings-Machiniak was also on the bill as a guest speaker and the night's theme was a message of hope. It was quite a night.

The following evening, I performed at a (very) small house concert. A woman heard me play and wanted to put on a concert for her daughter's and her daughters friends. (she apparently was tired of them watching so much tv). Ages ranged from 6-14. At the beginning they wanted to know if I knew any rap. By the end, they all wanted to be guitar players. Well, there you go.

I bring this up, because I thoroughly enjoy doing house concerts. It is easy for performers and fans to become addicted to them because they are an incredible experience. Consider having a party for you and some friends and hosting one. It's easier than you think. Check out www.houseconcerts.org and www.houseconcerts.com for examples. But you don't have to start your own concert series...basically--just have a party and invite a musician to perform. Email or call if you get the urge and we'll work out the specifics.

As you'll see below, I was fortunate enough to be selected for the Up and Coming Singer-Songwriter Contest at the 1st annual Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival. Personally, this looks to me like a very exciting festival. I absolutely love the line up.

I'll let you know of other festival info as it comes. If you like festivals, check out www.folk.org/Links/festivals.htm, www.festivalfinder.com or even www.festivals.com.


May 3-5
The 1st annual Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival
at Ramblewood (near Havre de Grace)

Terry performs Friday, May 3 as part of the emerging singer/songwriter contest. The winner will perform a half hour set on Saturday night. People are making reservations pretty quickly and it should be a great time. Cabins, camping, or daily tickets are available. Great talent and dozens of nationally touring performers. Three operating stages plus a children's stage all in a rustic setting very near Havre de Grace. Also looking for volunteers. Check out the website at: www.smaf.info

Singer-Songwriter Contestants:
Friday at 6pm with winner to perform Saturday evening. Order has not been determined): Jan Seides ,Thea Hopkins, David Morreale, Cletus Kennelly, Cadence Carroll, Terry Gonda, Lisabeth Weber, Gregg Cagno

June 26
Rockville, MD
Vic's Music Corner
Opening for Australian guitarist sensation Jeff Lang
$10 Cover. Great Barbecue! Alcohol served.
No smoking. @ O'Brien's Barbecue, 387 E Gude Dr, Rockville MD

writing/recording and generally getting into trouble. Stay tuned.

Happy Spring,


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