What News? Oct-Nov 2001
(terry gonda newsletter)

terry's Eighth Notes

Thanks for the postive feedback from the first newsletter.

Regarding recent events and the new climate...I was moved after a series of incidents to write a poem that I have included at the end of this email. Please consider it spoken to you.

There's a bit of activity in my performing schedule for Southeast Michigan folks in November. Welcome back to Detroit terry.

Recording anyone? Finally whittling down the songs for the full CD. Have scheduled a recording session the first week of Dec in Atlanta with Dede Vogt producing and Linda Bolley on drums. Linda (a friend of mine) is working with several groups right now, most notably, with Michelle Malone. Working with these two in the wonderful acoustic music environment down there will fulfill a wish for me. Meanwhile, I'll continue with recording bits in my studio. If all goes well, I expect to release in March time frame. Expect eclectic. I'm no longer fighting it. :)

Great news! I've been selected to participate in the formal showcase at this years Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference (www.nefolk.org) it's a big deal and it includes several friends as well. I'm looking forward to it. It's held in Lake Harmony PA every year, the second weekend in Nov at the Split Rock Resort (tough duty).


Nov 9-11
Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference
Formal Showcase, Exhibit Hall booth (Dubious Recordings)
Split Rock Resort
Lake Harmony, PA

Thursday Nov 21 Detroit, MI
Sights and Sounds Singer-songwriter Series
Traffic-Jam and Snug
8-11pm several artists (see ad below)

Nov 29 Nov 29, Pontiac, MI
Sights and Sounds Singer-songwriter Series
Coyote Club
7-11:30pm, several artists (see ad below)

Many people I come across have survived severe emotional wounds. I am profoundly effected by their courage and the deep scars and deep wisdom such pain has left. I am blessed to find out that music has a way of helping in the healing process. Right now, it occurred to me that we are united by the simple fact that we are all survivors trying to find our way through the grieving process. I felt the need to remind myself of what I believe to be the main focus.

Call You By Name
2001 terry gonda

May you know that in your heart
Is all you seek to obtain
May you live each day alive
And not cower for fear of pain
May you have the courage to choose
Truth over gain
May you always be aware
That Love calls you by name

May you let your armor crack
To let the light flow through
May you see it streaming out
As well as into you.
May you know that darkness
Can never kill what's true
May you always be aware
That Love is here with you

May you do more than survive
The hurts of yesterday
May you see the blessings grow
Where destruction hoped to play
May you know that you are more
Than what happens along the way
May you always be aware
That Love is here to stay.



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