What News? Dec 7 2005
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terry's Eighth Notes 

Well the weather outside is frightful... Actually, after the incredible summer and Autumn, the cold and snow feel perfect right now. We'll see what I say in January.
Before I go much further, for those in Michigan, I have a concert this Friday. Please see the info below.

You'll notice more house concerts appearing on the schedule. More people are taking us up on the offer as they come to realization that they can actually have a concert in their home and each one has been incredible. There's something very unique about the warmth of a gathering of people who come to a home to share some food with each other and experience music together.

Also a note about an upcoming show. We have been trying to work this one out for some time and all of us are excited about it. Trina Hamlin, Colleen Sexton, and myself will be at the Ark in Ann Arbor on Jan 5 2006. Mark your calendars now.

Update on Rachel Bissex tribute CD. Sales are going well, but they still have a few more left. Consider it for gift shopping. http://cdbaby.com/cd/rachelbissex5 will get you the tribute CD.

Speaking of holiday shopping, there's also our website. In the next week, we'll have some expanded merchandise available and it will grow in the next month. Sales of love, lose, repeat have gone well and we're now in the process of ordering our second printing. And finally, as a gift, what could be more unique than that house concert we've just talked about?

I'm asked all the time, so here's a teaser...we'll be starting some rough recording for the next CD in the next few months to sketch out the details. I'll keep you updated. It won't take 13 years this time. Promise.

I hope the Holidays are peaceful and joyful for you and that you take some time to nurture yourself as well as share your Light with the world during this time of long nights.

Recent Shows
Sep 10 Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert, Starlight Theater, Waterford, MI. This show was wonderful. There were many acts from the Detroit area and I got to connect with some people I hadn't seen in a long time. Best news is that over $2000 was raised.

Sep 22 Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert with Trina Hamlin, Rochester Hills MI. It was so great to see Trina again. She gained many new fans that night and she has now released her CD at least to those who pre-bought. Her new CD is so incredible. She's been teasing us with it since last March when we did some shows together. It is so good, it should take her to the next level in her career. I'm actually a bit particular and don't listen to a lot of music. This CD (as soon as she gets me my copy!) is one I'll listen to often. Plus we raised an additional $600 for those affected by Katrina.

Sep 23 Fall Hiking Retreat, Lexington MI. We all agreed that this was our favorite Fall retreat yet. The weather was phenomenal and we had around 50 incredible people in the 18-35 (okay and a few older) age range who shared faith and music over the weekend. Kirsti and I had been working on the theme song for a couple of weeks while we were on vacation out east. But we still managed to finishing it up as we walked out the door. Literally. Faith in Motion...a good theme and a really great song. Lyrics at the end.

Nov 9 Lake Orion High School, MI. I met with three high school choir classes and discussed what it was like to be an engineer and professional singer-songwriter. I believe it is important to encourage people to not put themselves or their future in a small box, but to use both sides of their brain and to follow their passions. Their are many ways to do this. You don't have to put all your eggs in one basket. But there's one thing for sure: sitting on the couch in front of the tv is NOT what following your passion looks like, unless of course, watching tv is your only passion.

Nov 29 Vista Maria school for troubled girls, Dearborn, MI. Once again, in our Tour of Hope with the Broe Rehab therapeutic choir and Rev Renee Machiniak we sang and spoke to the girls. Each stop on the tour is meant to inspire a sense of hope and encourage all to believe in the Light inside of them.

Upcoming Schedule

Friday December 9 2005 Benefit Concert at St. John Neumann Church, Canton MI
On Friday night, December 9th at 7:30 p.m., Terry will play a special benefit concert with proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity of Western Wayne County and the Plymouth-Canton Clothing Bank.
Location: St John Neumann Church, 44800 Warren Rd., Canton, MI 48187
Time: Concert starts at 7:30pm.
Admission: $10 adults, children 12 and under free! Tickets can be purchased at the door or in advance at the St. John Neumann parish office.
Contact: St John Neumann Church at (734) 455-5910

Saturday December 10 2005 Private House Concert
Fed up with Terry not playing anywhere near you? Consider booking a house concert, where Terry (and maybe even her band) will perform for you and your friends in your living room. It's an ideal way to celebrate a party or an anniversary or any occasion - simply invite a bunch of your friends, have a pot luck dinner, pass the hat and let us entertain you. No special equipment is needed. We love playing house concerts, and people who've put one on say it's the best show they've been to. Contact Terry if you're interested in learning more.

Thursday January 5 2006 Trio concert at The Ark, Ann Arbor MI
Terry joins with New York City's Trina Hamlin and Boston's Colleen Sexton for a reprise of their earlier trio shows that were a hit in Maryland and New York in March 2005. The Ark is an amazing venue for acoustic music and this promises to be a great night by three powerful performers. You don't want to miss this one! Here's the Ark's listing.
Location: The Ark, 316 S Main Street, Ann Arbor MI 48104
Time: Doors open at 7:30, concert starts at 8:00pm.
Admission: $13.50 Tickets will go on sale Saturday, December 3 through the Michigan Union Ticket Office at (734) 763-8587 and TicketMaster.
Contact: The Ark at (734) 761-1818

Saturday January 14 2006 Private House Concert, Grand Rapids MI
I played in a band in college. Jeff ran the band. He caught up with me recently, but got tired of me not playing near Grand Rapids. Well, this should work out nicely...it's at his house.

Saturday January 21-23 2006 Winter Retreat, Subiaco, Oxford MI.
This is the winter St John Fisher Campus / Young Adult retreat at the Subiaco retreat center. The fall retreat uses the outdoors and is lighter. This one takes advantage of the retreat center and it seems we always enjoy being snowed in for a few days. The content is deeper and more reflective and the center provides an opportunity for warm interaction. Oh, and there's the music by Kirsti and myself.

Parting notes
Faith in Motion

Living each day
Making our way
We gotta show more than just devotion
Shining our light
Making things right
Putting our faith and love in motion
Words and feelings go so far
Our deeds show who we really are
We have to make love grow
And put our faith in motion for the world.

    We can't tell the hungry
    Be blessed I pray that you are fed
    Can't keep our beliefs
    Locked inside our head
    'Coz just like a body
    Without a spirit
    Faith without works is dead
Living each day...
    We must seek God's presence
    Be still, pray for our daily bread
    We must hear God's call
    See where we are led
    The world is awaiting
    And we are called to action
    Faith without works is dead
Living each day
Making our way
We gotta show more than just devotion
Shining our light
Making things right
Putting our faith and love in motion
Words and feelings go so far
Our deeds show who we really are
We have to make love grow
And put our faith in motion for the world.

Thanks for reading!

Peace be in your heart and home...


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