What News? Dec 4 2004
(terry gonda newsletter)

HEADLINE NEWS: Detroit Area Friends - Holiday Party Concert on Dec 10th. RSVP soon. See below under Schedule.

HOLIDAY SALE! Love, Lose, Repeat CDs now only $12 (30% off) when ordered through www.terrygonda.com

terry's Eighth Notes 

My warmest wishes to you and your loved ones this holiday season. This has been a most eventful year musically and otherwise. The CD was finally released and has garnered very good reviews and received airplay throughout the country and in England and Wales. We even received reviews from a UK Christian music magazine (CrossRhythms) and a UK Country music magazine (Maverick). A rough and unscientific poll seems to point to Both Sides Now as the lead for air play with Jean following and a smattering of others like Busy, Calls You, and If I Needed You all falling close to the same.

Last full newsletter I sent you was in June. Sorry for being quiet. I tend to lean towards less communication than too much. Especially when so frightfully busy. Our gig and time spent with Vic and Reba in August was very lovely. We got to spend a short time at their cabin before heading home to work on redecorating the house in a three day frenzy. Well worth it. Then we did a block party concert Labor Day Weekend. Outside of competing with a fire truck that was there for entertainment and was squirting its hose for the children for a while, it was great fun. Actually, for the record, if you're smart, you shouldn't even TRY to compete with a fire truck. I quickly assessed the situation and ran out into the street with the children and into the spray. Came back and finished the set, albeit a bit soaked. If YOU would like a house concert (preferrably IN doors and sans fire trucks), please email me. They are wonderful and you can have one "just because" or for a special event like anniversary or birthday. They're very affordable, you don't need a sound system or any equipment, and everyone who's hosted one in the past has been ecstatic with the event.

In September we brought in a good crowd at a new venue, the Full Circle Coffeehouse in Waterford, MI. We were the fourth act presented there. What a great place and good people. I have hope in its continued success. They have a great sound system and treat the performers very well. Tom and Wolf are to be congratulated. Please check their schedule if you're in the area. The venue is actually located INSIDE the Summit Place Mall and is a Community Theatre Space.

In November we also performed at another new venue; this time in Ohio at the Ohio Coffehouse Series in Wauseon. Instead of being the 4th act of the venue, we were the second. The folks there were also warm and inviting and we hope to come back next year. As the second act presented, we followed the warm and talented Joe Jencks who played in October and whom we had the pleasure of meeting this week at a gig at the Ark. Joe was there in the round with Jen Cass and Justin Roth. Great great show. Sorry if I sound too effusive. I try not to talk about things that are NOT lovely, so you get all the "lovely" things in the newsletter. You'll notice I won't be speaking about politics. :)

No new TV appearances to report.*smile* But I am still on the reruns of the History Channel show every now and then. Stealth and Beyond: Land. Doesn't it just thrill you? Also, I think I heard the Peter, Paul, and Mary PBS special aired again recently. You can see me during the Kerrville Song School shots talking to Peter. :) I just missed getting interviewed by MTV last week at a Conference in Orlando for my engineering work. But I did land a Popular Mechanics interview. Now if I could get some of that attention to the CD...

Upcoming Schedule

December 7nd Vista Maria Residential School for Girls Detroit, MI
2:00-3:30pm. Terry will perform with the Broe Therapy Choir in an on-site taping of the Choir's 5th CD.

December 10th First United Methodist Church Pontiac MI. Terry provides entertainment at a Christmas party. Food, a bake sale and a visit from Santa. All proceeds benefit Haven Women's Shelter. 6:30-9:30pm.
Tickets $10 per adult, $5 per child, $25 party of 4, $30 party of 5, $35 party of 6.
You can get tickets immediately online: at http://www.terrygonda.com/merch.html#tickets
or Contact Curtis Jacks (248) 390 0814
The Church is located at 14 Judson, Pontiac, MI. One block South of Auburn Rd, between North and South Woodward.
This facility is not handicapped accessible.

If you plan on attending, PLEASE RSVP soon. The Church needs to account for the dinners they will provide.
If you are not aware, the HAVEN is a nationally recognized resource both as a shelter and for counseling victims and perpetrators of violence. They are an all-around facility dedicated to reducing violence through advocacy, counseling, education, and shelter and have been around for a long time. This is a great way to help out and have fun. Bring donations of shampoos and soap and other toiletries if you wish.

December 14th Detroit Rescue Mission Detroit MI. Terry will perform with the Broe Therapy Choir at the DRM's 6th Annual Christmas Concert. 1:00 - 2:30pm

What you can do...
Buy CDs for your friends and family for presents for the holiday season and new year. :) We're even taking 30% off the price as our own holiday sale! CDs are available at the sale price of $12 only through www.terrygonda.com , and I'm happy to personalize them before sending them out if you wish (just say what name or message you'd like in the "notes and instructions" box when making your payment).

Parting notes
In this usually non-music section of the newsletter I let you know of something you can do to spread Light into the world. There are heroes all around us and it is good to shine a spotlight on them. One example is Juan Salas who has done something to give us all an opportunity to become heroes in our own way. Check out his program, MySoldier to become a pen pal to a deployed soldier. Regardless how you feel about the war itself, you can adopt someone who has left family and home in service to their country.

Here is information from their FAQ.


What is My Soldier?
It's a way for everyone, regardless of how they feel about the war, to support the troops who are laying their lives on the line every day. Basically, when a person enrolls in the My Soldier program, they agree to adopt a soldier. They receive a "starter kit" containing guidelines for letter writing and care package preparation, a red My Soldier bracelet, and a specially designed My Soldier baseball hat to include with the first letter they send to their deployed United States Armed Serviceperson. My Soldier participants will write letters and send care packages to the soldier that they adopt. Please understand that it may be difficult for some troops to respond because they are often in dangerous situations. Generally, about 80% of the troops will write back, but 100% of them appreciate the time, energy and personal support they receive from folks back home.

Is there a cost associated with the program?
Participation is 100% free. However, for groups or organizations of 25 or more people, there is a suggested contribution of $10 per kit to help us defray the costs of the program. All donations that we receive go directly to fund My Soldier. To date, the Manhattanville College has covered all the costs; we expect corporate sponsorships, and we've already received some individual donations as the program grows organically.

Peace be in your heart and home...


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