What News? June 26 2004
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HEADLINE NEWS: Terry on TV Sunday evening June 27 (see below for more info)

terry's Eighth Notes 
Hope you're enjoying your summer. I'm having the guilty pleasure of working on the house a wee bit now that the CD is done (my perennial excuse for ignoring my domestic chores). This is my way of saying that the music front has been quiet in June outside of a few things here and there. We're gearing up for the next round.

This month Kirsti and I participated in a "first annual" music festival spearheaded by probably the hardest working musican-collaborator in the Detroit area, Annie Capps. She has been diligently trying to get the musicians in the area to collaborate via organizations, online groups, and now a new festival in Ann Arbor to help save a Knights of Columbus Park. She and her husband Rod worked very hard to assemble a great cast of folks for the first annual event both on the stage and behind. Congrats! Next was a concert along with my friends the Broe Tabernacle Rehab Choir (led by Len McCulloch) at Vista Maria--a center for "troubled" young women. Girls and young women from abusive backgrouns and those with emotional and substance abuse problems have a place to stay and learn life skills while they work through the trauma in their lives. The Vista Maria campus is gorgeous and the audience was extraordinary. Connecting with them and handing out CDs was a real Spirit-lifter for me. Some of you already know that I have been involved in the journey of several young women who are abuse survivors and it is a complicated, exhausting, and powerful experience to walk with them and watch these women overcome their pain in their own time. My hope is that through music and events like these, I can touch more people than I could one-on-one.

Yes, tv...but not for music this time. As part of my engineering job with the Army, I was filmed for a History Channel show called Stealth and Beyond. It airs THIS Sunday, Jun 27 11pm EST. There are Sea, Air, and Land segments. I am in the Land sement airing last (after the populare Mail Call show). I think I will tape it myself and sleep. hee hee.

Well, it feels like it, from a folk singer's perspective. Whether you've been to one concert this year or several, it's important that you come to this one if you are able. The Ark in Ann Arbor is one of the premier acoustic venues in the country. It was profiled in Performing Songwriter when they showcased the finest in the genre. This is my first appearance there as a main act, so it's something to celebrate! You'll remember Kirsti and I have created If There's Light.org to sponsor music that lights up the soul? Well we share the stage that night with fellow If There's Light-er Eleni Kelakos. We will split the evening up into two shows and celebrate our CD releases in this wonderful evening of song, stories, and laughter. We've been hearing from folks from Ann Arbor to Flint who are excited about the show and plan to party with us. You can buy your tickets online at Ticketmaster or from the Ark - details below.

Upcoming Schedule

  Thursday, July 8, The Ark, 316 South Main St., Ann Arbor MI. (band) Doors at 7:30. Tickets: $11. By phone: 734-763-8587. Info: 734-761-1451. http://www.theark.org/265.html.

Sunday, July 18, South Oakland Shelter, St John Fisher, Auburn Hills, MI. 7-9pm. (duet) St John Fisher hosts the South Oakland Shelter for a week. The Young Adult group will provide the evening's entertainment and have invited us along for a concert.

What you can do...
Enjoy your summer, be safe during the 4th of July, tape the History Channel show, come on out to the Ark on the 8th, and register to vote if you haven't.

Parting notes
Oh...and go practice random acts of kindness. (I'm being bossy this month) *smile*



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