What News? May 2  2004
(terry gonda newsletter)

terry's Eighth Notes 
Can't believe it's already May. Allergies are in full bloom along with nature and Michigan is both beautiful and weather quirky.  Seventy degrees one day and snow the next.  Hopefully we're on the glide path to spring now....*ACHOO*! *sniff*. Sorry.

In the last newsletter I mentioned we'd been out to the Steeple Coffeehouse in Southborogh MA where we opened for the Crocketts to a sellout crowd.  Matt (bass), Kirsti (vocals, flute), and I drove out there and we had a great time.  We stayed at Neale Eckstein and Laurie Laba's place, which of course is home to the Fox Run Concert Series.  Neale also has a studio there and we showed up at 9:30 on Friday evening-- in time for me to do some impromptu backing vocals for Russel Wolff's upcoming CD.  Very funny man.  The Steeple is a great venue and Gary Kavanaugh, who works his buns off, treated us like royalty.  What a great warm audience.  We came back to Neale and Laurie's which is usually "folk central" and dove into leftover Asian cuisine of all sorts and music biz chatter with Neale, Laurie, Russ, and the members of Groovelilly who had just played at the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse.  In the wee hours, Gary showed up after settling things at the Steeple.  We crawled up to bed and then got up for the 11 or so hour drive back to Detroit.  The three of us had a great time actually.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the Sterling Hts, MI Coffeehouse CD Release party.  What a lovefest.  We hope to repeat that energy in Auburn Hills on May 14, See below. 

On April 19, the three member band opened for David Roth at the Ark.  This was the third show on the CD release tour. The response continues to be  extremely positive with strong CD sales to back it up.  David was wonderful as usual, weaving stories that are inspirational, hysterical, or poignant.  If you get a chance to see him, ask him to read an email he got (originally written in German and translated through a free online auto translater).  It had us in tears, we laughed so hard.  He is a wonderful spirit and was one of the artists we featured in our If There's Light.org showcase at the national conference in San Diego in February.


Some new additions this past month to radio play include another play from Bob Harris on his thursday night national UK Country show as well as several songs on the syndicated FM Odessey show hosted by Fred Migliore.  For the small amount of promotion that has gone out so far, we're doing very well. 

Upcoming Schedule

Fri-Sun,May 7-9 Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival, Darlington, MD. (duet)   Go to www.smaf.info for more information. 
Long subscribers to this list will know this is the third year for the festival and it is worth getting out to it if you can.   I was fortunate enough to be in the songwriters contest in the first year and have participated in small stage events and workshops in the past two years.  Last year, I was honored by Sonny Ochs to perform one of Phil Ochs songs, "There But for Fortune".  Next year, I've been invited as a main act, so I'm absolutely thrilled.  If you like music festivals, this one is very intimate and is held in the most charming of locations that includes cabins, so you don't have to tent it if you don't want to.  It also has indoor facilities in case of wet or cold weather.

Saturday, May 8, House Concert, Bowie, MD. (duo) A concert to celebrate the 29th (ahem) birthday of superfan Cheri Allen.  Her sister Amy is throwing her a bash.

Friday, May 14 St John Fisher Church, Auburn Hills MI. (band)  Full concert to benefit the Food Bank of Oakland County and to celebrate the CD release in the greater Rochester/Auburn Hills area.  Ticket Donation: Adults $10, Seniors/children $7, children under 10 free.  You can buy online at www.terrygonda.com or the night of the concert. St. John Fisher is located on the northeast corner of Walton Blvd and Squirrel Rd in Auburn Hills. 
That's right, we're going to have another CD release party in Michigan. This time at my home base, St. John Fisher Chapel. In the spirit of the If There's Light.org philosophy (www.ifthereslight.org), we are making this celebration a benefit for the Food Bank of Oakland County.  Many of us think of the hungry around Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, but hunger is a year round issue.  How cool to celebrate while helping others.  Please bring a can or package of food to the concert if you are able.

 Thursday, July 8  The Ark, 316 South Main St., Ann Arbor MI. (band)   Tickets: $11. By phone: 734-763-8587. Info: 734-761-1451.  www.theark.org.
Yep, finally hit the main stage at the Ark!   Another If There's Light.org artist Eleni Kalakos and I will share the night.  We both promise to bring the house down and lift your spirits up. 

What you can do...
Spread the word!

Radio: Please, if you hear a song from the CD played on air or online, write and thank them and continue to encourage them to play us. 
If you have a favorite folk show, write them and ask them to play "love, lose, repeat". If you do, send us a copy of the email so we can make sure they have a copy of the CD. :)
Press:  If you have a favorite music column in your paper, write them and tell them about the CD. Again, drop us a line if you do and we can follow up with a CD and press kit.
Friends: We're seeing amazing results from simple word of mouth.  Encourage your friends to listen to your copy of the CD and to go to the website to get their own.  (
www.terrygonda.com or www.loveloserepeat.com if you can't remember that. *smile* )
Become a member of the Key Club:  Those energetic fans of Terry who are part of the What Key? team.  They get special member benefits and do what they can to promote shows that come to their area.  Write us if you're interested.
Throw a house concert.  Yes you. Just like Cheri's sister Amy, you can have Terry play live in your home or condo/apartment clubhouse.  Birthdays, anniversaries, or any reason whatsoever.  Contact whatkey if you are interested at booking@whatkey.com and you can check out http://www.houseconcerts.org/.

Parting notes
You know, you don' t have to wait for the benefit concert--each of us CAN make a difference.

Here's one of the easiest ways you can help others from your little computer by just clicking your mouse.
Maybe you already do it. Perhaps you've known about it for years, but forget.  Perhaps you've never known about it.
By simply taking a few minutes each day, YOU can make an impact on the world.  Go to www.thehungersite.com and just click.
Click to feed the hungry. Click to protect precious rainforest. Click for children's health against blindness, aids, and the effects of landmines. Click to help detect breast cancer...and more.  Sponsors give money to the site in hopes of attracting you by ads.  You can blow through this site in less than two minutes with a good internet speed.  If you do buy through the ads, it helps the site raise more money.



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