What News? May 21 2006
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terry's Eighth Notes

Music, love, healing...that is what life has been all about lately. Okay, how is that different from usual?I'm not sure, but it just seems like a lot more of it. We had the great fortune of celebrating our good friend Steve Clark's 40th birthday with him and his wife Kristin (who run a house concert out in Lyons Colorado) and the rest of our folk family (Vic and Reba Heyman and Steve and Sherry Panzer) plus Steve's sister and brother-in-law (Mad Celts Deborah and Karl), and his good friend Lisa and her daughter and many more. It was the surprise party of the decade. Kirsti and I are also involved in the emotional and spiritual healing journeys of ourselves and those around us. It just seems like a great time of growth and healing. Now if we can just get Congress to focus on the country's health and deal with poverty, education, healthcare etc, instead of focusing on the very "essential" items, such as making English our official language or amending the constitution to say who can never ever ever get married in this country. Brace yourselves for June. It's back. Sigh. But if the healing starts at home, we have a good chance, because I see a lot of it.

House Concerts
Fed up with me not playing anywhere near you? Consider booking a house concert, where myself or even the band will perform for you and your friends in your living room-or someone you wish to draft! It's an ideal way to celebrate a party or an anniversary or any occasion - simply invite a bunch of your friends, have a pot luck dinner, pass the hat and let us entertain you. No special equipment is needed. We love playing house concerts, and people who've put one on say it's the best show they've been to. Contact me if you're interested in learning more. Here's a quote from the recent concert we just did with Jeff and Mary Oxford.

"My wife and I recently hosted a House Concert with Terry Gonda as the featured artist. What an amazing experience! Terry and Friends (Kirsti and Matt!) really connected with the audience, making this an evening to remember. It's a wonderfully intimate format, with playful banter, singing along, and just really feeling you are part of the show. Terry has a diverse catalog of music that can have you rolling with laughter one song, or wiping away a tear on the next. She is a seasoned performer that delivers each song with passion, her musical talent evident from the first note! A House Concert is a great way to promote the arts in your own community, and to share your own love of music with your best friends!" - Jeff Oxford

Reports from Recent Shows
Unity Coffeehouse - Feb: We had standing room only at this show and it was a fantastic evening. Thanks to John Alexander and all the great people out at Livonia Unity. I think a quarter of the audience was family! We had some serious snow outside, but a lot of warmth inside. We hope to be back next season. This is a great venue.

Havre De Grace House concert and Susquehanna Music Festival - May: You'll know from reading these newsletters that the Susqehanna Music and Arts Festival is something special and this year the weather was tremendous. We were fortunate enough to have a house concert on the Friday night of the festival. Jeff King convinced his wife Traci that it would be a great idea and she cautiously went along. Well, she and many of Jeff's other friends and family are now believers and ready to make this an annual event. Kirsti and I set up in the corner of the living room and we had a great night of sharing and singing. There is no way to explain this well. Just like Traci, you have to experience it and then you'll know...there's nothing like it. We were able to catch the day time part of Saturday at the festival before heading home. We were fortunate enough to experience one heck of an in-the-round "workshop" as they call them, which featured our friends the Dreamsicles (the soon-to-be-married Tom Prasada-Rao and Carry Cooper), SONiA and Laura Cerulli (disappear fear minus Angela Edge), Sloan Wainwright (with Cadence Carroll ) and Modern Man (Rob Carlson and David Buskin-No George Wurzbach this time). Terry Irons and the large list of volunteers do a great job. We got to see a lot of friends and grab some much needed hugs. We'll certainly be back next year, and if you don't want to miss out on a weekend of exceptional music, then make early plans to spend Mothers' Day weekend 2007 in Maryland. http://www.smaf.info

Parting Notes
Thank you so much for your love and support. Take a moment to enjoy spring and tell those around you how much you appreciate them.
Thanks for reading!

Peace be in your heart and home,

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